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Pre-Press Requirements for ULMAPRESS

We have two requirements.

* All files must be submitted as single page hi-res PDFs.

* Printouts must be submitted for all files.

Each PDF file is carefully checked with our pre-flight program and if there are any issues with your file you will be notified.


General File Requirements

The required file format is hi-res, single page PDFs. Application files if submitted will only be used as back up, and they MUST be the final version that the PDF was made from. We will not work on your application files to make any changes without additional charges.

Bleeds: If you have graphics that bleed (prints to the edge of the book), the minimum acceptable bleed is 1/8". Be sure your PDF includes bleeds.
Default resolution: 300 dpi.
Margins: Give your page comfortable margins. If an element is not bleeding, it should not be any closer than ¼ to the trim. If you are really unsure that what you have is OK, look at samples in your local bookstore.


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